Postgraduate Européen en Parodontologie et Dentisterie Implantaire/ European Postgraduate in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry 2019-2020

The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) has adopted this program as the official postgraduate educational course in Periodontology. The EFP is the umbrella organisation for the National Scientific Societies in Periodontology of 16 European countries, comprising more than 15000 members. 




This programme comprises a three-year course in an accredited Dental School or in an accredited post-graduate centre, which enables the successful postgraduate student to practise Periodontology, including surgical oral implant therapy at a specialist level.  

The programme consists of a didactic course with a programmed series of modules including lectures, seminars, tutorials, group discussion and an extensive review of the literature of all topics relevant to the field of Periodontology. Inherent to the program is the clinical training where the graduate student will acquire proficiency in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas of Periodontology, including all the surgical aspects of implant therapy. This clinical program should be organised in collaboration with the rest of the clinical departments of the dental school, hospital or post-graduate centre, enabling the graduate student to acquire the necessary skills for the treatment of complex multidisciplinary cases. This programme also includes the development and execution of a research project by each student. The results of this research project must be presented in the form of a written report amenable for publication in an English-language international refereed scientific journal. 

At the end of the three-year programme and once the candidate has successfully passed the final examinations according to the EFP guidelines, the European Federation of Periodontology will grant him/her with a diploma in Periodontology, together with the appropriate academic degrees granted by the host institution. This programme may be extended so that a PhD degree can be obtained, however, this would involve extra academic time in accordance with the regulations defined in each institution. 

Details of the program guidelines can be consulted at the following website: 


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